Convert your Geyser to Solar. Save up to 30% on your electricity bill.One relatively cost effective way of heating water is to convert your existing geyser to a direct solar water heating system. A direct solar water heating system will typically reduce the amount of electrical energy spent heating water by about 50%, on average over the year.

How to cut your electricity bill by 30%


Speak to Ecomaniacs about converting your geyser to a solar solution!

GeyserWorx® is a micro-processor based product that utilises solar energy during the day to heat household or commercial water. This is done using PV (photovoltaic) panels reducing the electrical running costs of your geyser system.

The benefits:

Save on Electricity

Save up to 30% on your electricity bill.

Quick Installation

We’ll get your Geyserworx® installed in no time.

No Plumbing

Geyserworx® is the Smart way to go Solar.

PV Panels Included

Geyserworx® comes standard with 3 PV solar panels.

PV Panels Included

Geyserworx® comes standard with 3 PV solar panels.

System Includes:

PV panels complete with mounting brackets and connecting wiring.

Temperature sensor.

Available with or without acrylic facia.

GeyserWorx® Optional Extra:

Extension Box

Outdoor Box

GeyserWorx® Deluxe System allows you to control your geyser remotely through the GeyserWorx® App available for Android or Apple iOS.

GeyserWorx® vs Complete Solar Installations

The capital outlay you require on a complete solar installation far outways the cost involved in installing a Geyserworx® system.

For instance, the capital needed to install 4kW of solar power in your home is about 10x the cost of GeyserWorx. Bearing in mind that your normal geyser consumes 4kW by itself, your installed 4kW solar system would not be able to run your household requirements when the geyser is heating water.

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Save up to 30% on your electricity bill.

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